Is it the most incredibly fantastic 'gee-wow' value-laden DND purchase of all time, or is it one of the most mind-bogglingly stoopid boondoggles in the history of Canada ? Either way, the numbers are staggering. The math is suspect at best, says the PBO. And the question begs, why on earth would a threadbare Trudeau government pulled at the seams by urgent growing needs in health care, infrastructure, old-age income security, climate, and ballooning debt-service want to pay billions per frigate ('the cost is likely closer to $4.1 BILLION') to unrepentant East coast billionaire Jim Irving when myriad countries around the globe were realistically content to pay as little as 1/10 what Irving is demanding Canadian taxpayers fork over. To wit, US littoral combat ship: USD $ 478 MILLION per ship .. German F-125 class frigate: Eur 650 MILLION per ship .. French FREMM frigate: Eur 670 MILLION per ship .. Italian FREMM frigate: Eur 598 MILLION per ship .. China Type 054A Surface Combatant: $ 348 MILLION per ship. And, all kidding aside, who's to say that betting the farm (& fish factory & lobster hatchery) on a bunch of frigates in this modern era of cyber-warfare is what's needed to fight the enemies of today and tomorrow ? One thing is clear, Team Trudeau needs a brutally serious rethink of the Harper-era Irving ships program. Pronto .. And still not clear what to do, Gerry & Co ? Here is your 5-step go-to game plan: 1) pull the plug on the $60 BILLION untested & unproven Irving ships plan, 2) get rid of pliable in-over-his-head Defence Minister Harj 'The Architect' Sajjan, 3) throw out last week's fiction-laced 'Defence Policy Review', 4) bring in fresh thinking to develop a much-needed modern defence plan that marries our very real budget limitations to the very real dangers of a digital world, 5) buy Bourque a tankard of ale at the nearest Clocktower BrewPub as a gesture of thanks from a grateful nation for saving taxpayers tens of billions of dollars.