Chemtrails - conspiracy theorists love to think about them, while others love to deny them; but can we really deny the fact that they exist? Well, that all depends on what you think "chemtrails" are. If you think they are a bunch of chemicals being sprayed in the air to create an easily controlled, docile population ...I think you've been sniffing too much of said chemicals. However, if you believe that these chemtrails (or contrails) are being used for geoengineering, then I will have to agree with you. I know, right now you're thinking that this is all a myth, and that I have drank too much of the kool-aid. Maybe I have, but then maybe those at The Smithsonian have too, because even they have come to admit that airplane contrails may be creating "accidental" geoengineering. According to the article, "Geoengineering involves the manipulation of an environmental process in such a way, usually deliberate, that it affects the Earth’s climate." They claim that exhaust from airplanes contains aerosols and water vapor, which then dissipates and leaves behind an icy haze - leaving particles in the atmosphere that scatter the suns rays. But is this really the case? That is hard to believe, especially considering that they also admit "previous researchers have proposed combating global warming by intentionally seeding the atmosphere with small particles, or aerosols, to scatter some sunlight and reduce the amount of heat trapped by greenhouse gases."

So who are these previous researchers? I'd say one of the first researchers was Gordon J.F. MacDonald, who was also a leading researcher on man-made climate change. In 1964, he co-wrote a report called the Scientific Problems of Weather Modification, where they claim Silver Iodide and solid Carbon Dioxide (dry ice) have been used for cloud seeding for at least 18 years before that report was written. Cloud seeding could be used to create artificial rainstorms, as well as suppress hail and lightning storms, and influence the dissipation of clouds, fog and hurricanes. They speak about "surface modification as a means of stimulating convection" which could be done by large, island sized plots of asphalt, black plastic mulches or straw, even though they admit that the "climatic consequences of de-forestation are not completely understood". It is important to note that at this point in history, scientists believed the earth was naturally cooling - not warming. 

Fast forward to 2008, where the Council on Foreign Relations released a report on Unilateral Geoengineering, stating that in order to "reflect more light back into space before its absorbed" we should add more reflective particles into the upper atmosphere (sulfur dioxide/aluminum oxide/"designer self-levitating aerosols"), add more clouds to the lower atmosphere, place various reflecting objects (aka mirrors) in the earths orbit (or between the earth and sun), and change the earths surface from things that are dark and light absorbing (like forests), to things that are light reflective (like open snow fields). The study also looks at volcanic eruptions, and how the debris can help create a global cooling - and how we should mimic it. They also suggest pumping the oceans full of iron to essentially put phytoplankton on steroids. One of the more interesting points of the study is that they admit that starting and stopping geoengineering projects could make the earths temperature rise 2-4 degrees PER YEAR, which is ten times the current rate. 

These are just studies and ideas though, right? The Smithsonian claimed we are only doing this accidentally, but is there any proof of humans geoengineering and manipulating our climate and weather? Of course there is. In 2012, dumping iron in the ocean was tried out in British Columbia, California has tried weather modification to end its drought, and China has been caught doing it multiple times over the last few years. Lets not forget that the US Military spent $21 Million cloud seeding during the Vietnam War (see Operation Popeye) . Some believe that the Fort McMurray fires could have been prevented from cloud seeding - and some pilots (hired by insurance agencies) are seeding in Alberta to protect crops from hail. Oh, and Harvard has come out and said they are going to start doing geoengineering experiments - to mimic the effects of a volcanic eruption - using aerosol injectors to spray aluminum oxide into our skies. Now where have we heard that before? 

So who is regulating these experiments? I'm not too sure, but we do know that we have a treaty with the United States, stating that both governments need to know about weather modification experiments going on within 200 miles of the borders. We also have a document stating that The Canadian Government has an "Weather Modification Act"; which states weather modification is legal - provided you inform the right people. Looking at all of this, its safe to say our governments have known about these experiments; but how long have they been going on? Why is the mainstream media not covering this as an important issue? Are we already stuck in a cycle of geoengineering, and now we can't get out? What is the total impact this has had on our environment so far? Unless we ask these questions and hold our governments, media outlets and scientists accountable, we may never truly know - but I'll be damned if we don't try to find out. 

Update: In the past few months, I have seen more and more articles about geoengineering. Harvard is talking about experiments that produce sulfuric acid, which could damage the ozone layer, and the Smithsonian Magazine is now pushing the topic. All other links I've collected can be found here.